martedì 26 novembre 2013


There are women walking upwind from a lifetime, there are women who have deep eyes like the ocean, there are women who love a man with all the soul, there are women who both love and friendship give your heart to find themselves to raccattarne the pieces alone in silence making dancing his soul some see smiling even if their hearts are full of sadness, forced to wear a mask to hide themselves others seem ... but just just dissolved if you stop for a moment you can surprise while struggling with his own instincts, while walking his own barefoot facing pain in order that each storm are increasingly threatening! There are women who close their eyes while listening to slow music which makes even saltier their tears, there are women with pride but with a knot in my throat give happiness, there are women with their eyes photographing those beautiful, but so fleeting moments where they feel embraced dabhade hoping to keep it alive and colorful forever if you open your eyes a moment you can observe while releasing crumbs themselves along the path to that train that will bring forth while screaming their anger against flickering glass of a home become a prison, while smile of despair to those who would like to return to life ever! There are women who don't stop at nothing because nothing can stop, there are women who have done a node for every tear, hoping that someone will dissolve, there are women who are moms who love and protect their children at the cost of their lives!Do not stop the heart of a woman, nothing is worth more, not to mourn a woman every tear is a bit of herself that she goes!It is said that women are stronger than men, but it is not always so! The woman needs to feel loved ... protected ... important!In the eyes of a woman is a light ... the light is hope ... is love ... passion ... is a desire to live!
I am a little of all of this .... you are a bit of all this because we're WOMEN!